Whimperwheel, My Daffodil

It’s been a long, intense day. This is just me unwinding with something silly.

Whimperwheel, my daffodil.
Whimperwheel for me.
Whimperwheel til time stands still,
Still whimperwheel for me.

Plot not in vain a ruckus cause,
Plot not in vain my dear,
Plot not in vain for righteous laws
Will kill your lovely cheer.

Just whimperwheel my lovely dear,
Just whimperwheel for me.
Just whimperwheel with lovely cheer,
Mixed with your trademark glee.

Whimperwheel, I say to all!
Now whimperwheel for me!
Just whimperwheel on down the hall!
Go whimperwheel for me!

Lackadaisy number one,
Lackadaisy two.
There ain’t no way the lackadays
Were made for me and you.

Boo vo snitzel la pietzski
Boo vo snitzel lee.
Ain’t no boo snitzel in the world,
At least none left for me.

And if the boo should whimperwheel
I hope he keeps it quiet,
For if boo snitzel is for real,
Poor boo would cause a riot.

So go, boo snitzel, be not lazy.
Go – we all agree.
Go wake the nearest sleeping daisy,
And whimperwheel for me!

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